Maintenance Plans

AC Maintenance Plans – Maintain your system by having it cleaned twice a year.

Maintenance Plans     

Equipment manufacturers and utility companies encourage preventative maintenance of central air conditioning and heating equipment. Preventive maintenance plans can save you from costly breakdowns and future repairs. Most equipment operates in both the heating and cooling modes. You should have your unit cleaned as early in the Spring and Fall as possible. All types of HVAC comfort systems should be regularly checked and cleaned with no exceptions!

AC Maintenance Plan


Add our bi-annual AC service agreement for the summer and winter for only $190.00.

AC Maintenace Plan Includes:

  • Inspection & cleaning of condenser unit coils.
  • Inspection of the evaporator coil; spraying of non-rinse cleaner on the coil. (Does not include cleaning overly dirty coil; an additional cost would apply.)
  • Inspection of all electrical connections.
  • Inspection of AMP draw on motors, heater strips & compressors.
  • Inspection of belts; tightening if necessary. (Does not include belt replacement; an additional cost would apply.)
  • Inspection of refrigerant pressures. (Does not include the cost of freon; an additional cost would apply.)
  • Inspection and clearing of drain lines; pouring of cleaner down drains.
  • Inspection of emergency pans; vacuuming of pans if water present.
  • Inform customer of any work needed to maintain system efficiency.


Why is it important to have maintenance performed twice a year?

  1. Having your system maintained extends the lifespan of your unit. When an air conditioning or heating unit is running at its peak efficiency, the main components of the unit do not have to work as hard. This reduces the everyday wear and tear of your system. It also allows your unit to operate around the clock to meet your desired level of comfort. Our technicians can check to see if your unit is running properly and that it is performing to your expectations.
  2. Can save you from costly breakdowns and future repairs. Keeping your system maintained not only saves on your utility bills but it can also reduce the chances of a costly repair that may occur as a consequence of avoiding regular maintenance.
  3. Peace of Mind. Our trained technicians can determine if your system is low on refrigerant or if a component is failing. In the winter months, it is essential that the ignitor, heating element and heat exchanger be inspected to ensure the heating unit is working properly. Heating equipment that has not been properly maintained can become a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. In the summer months, it is essential to rejuvenate your system so that it performs to your expectations. Unserviced air conditioning units frequently break down when the weather is the hottest, requiring expensive repairs and costly emergency calls. Regular maintenance will decrease the chances of this.
  4. Validate Warranty. Many manufacturers require a working history of the unit when submitting warranty claims. By building a portfolio of your regular maintenance, a warranty claim can be processed and approved more successfully.

No-Sweat Maintenance Plans for Home & Business

Brockhaus Electrical and Air Conditioning offers HVAC maintenance plans for your home or office. We tailor your maintenance plans for your residential and/or commercial properties. Every maintenance plan is handled individually to custom fit your needs. Our service agreements are designed to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly without unexpected costly breakdowns and repair costs.

Worry-free, cost-effective maintenance plans reduce energy costs and eliminate the likelihood of service calls. Your maintenance agreement entitles you to automatic Fall and Spring maintenance appointment reminders, 24-hour priority service and 50% off service call charges.

Maintenance plan options can be tailored to include: preventative maintenance, including seasonal checks of your equipment and the routine changing of filters.

During routine maintenance, the following is covered:

  • Air filters – Change cotton pleated filters quarterly.
  • Belts – Make sure they’re in proper working order, have correct tension and are changed as necessary.
  • Coils – Check the condition and make sure coils are cleaned once a year.
  • Compressors – Confirm they are using the correct voltage/amps.
  • Condenser fans – Confirm they are using the correct voltage/amps.
  • Contactors and starters – Inspect to be sure they’re in good working order.
  • Controls – Perform self-test operations if available.
  • Drains – Be sure the condensate drain and drain line are clean and free of any obstructions.
  • Economizers – Confirm operation.
  • Electrical connections – Check and tighten as necessary.
  • Evaporator fan motor – Confirm proper working order.
  • Heat exchangers – Inspect for fatigue or cracks.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers – Confirm all humidity control systems are operating correctly.
  • Leaks – Make a visual check for leakage of air, gas, refrigerant or water.
  • Limit switches – Check for correct operation of all switches and safeties.
  • Motor bearing – Lubricate as needed.
  • Noise – Check for any unusual operating noises, and resolve any problems.
  • Operating temperatures – Confirm the RTU has a proper change in temperature across the coils.
  • Refrigerant – Make sure there is a proper charge according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Superheat – Check and confirm.
  • Thermostats – Confirm proper operation

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